“Familiarity with cowboy builders having bred contempt for those in the trade, I was long hesitant about having a much-needed extension added to my home. However, after speaking to former happy clients (who mentioned beautiful bookcases) I engaged Scott Johnstone to carry out the work. It involved the demolition of an old conservatory to make way for a new extension. Covid, and its accompanying delays, meant that work started in the middle of winter; not a joyous prospect as I live in the windiest part of Scotland. However, Scott and Dave boarded up and insulated the opening so well that my fears proved groundless.

Every member of Scott’s team, from bricklayer to final painter, was highly skilled and all work was executed to an exemplary standard.

Scott and Dave were always willing to discuss ideas and, where necessary, offer alternative suggestions. Once work was complete Scott was happy to advise on paint colours too, taking into account my own preferences. There was one alarming moment when he thought a black and white ceiling could look good! Fortunately, this was but a temporary aberration and he came to his senses eventually. Then Scott talks nonsense DON’T PANIC – a coffee usually does the trick! Scott’s woodworking skills are those of a true craftsman; he is a perfectionist who justifiably takes pride in his work. His assistant, Dave, is not bad either for one so young!

Work progressed so smoothly that I asked for a number of other things to be done as well. WARNING! If you employ Scott Johnstone you will be so impressed that you may well ask for more than you originally planned! I can unequivocally recommend Scott and his whole team. Whether it’s for the construction of a building or simply a bookcase, you will be hard-pressed to find a better or more reliable team. Scott and Dave’s good humour made them both a pleasure to have on site.”